My first 'monthly favorites'! Really excited about this. I have been wanting to do monthly favorites ever since I started but I just didn't start with it, didn't exactly know how I wanted to do it. But I finally figured it out. See, I'm not gonna do a monthly favorite on the same topic every month simply because I don't have new beauty favorites each month, or new favorite series to watch each month. So I'm just gonna change the topic every month, and if the routine of watching, or using or whatever changed, I'll just do another monthly favorite on that topic.

So yeah, let's get started with the YouTubers. I have to say, YouTubers got me a lot into makeup, they've taught me a lot of things, they inspired me a lot, and I just really, really enjoy watching their videos. And that means a lot coming from me, as I never thought I'd get into the whole YouTubers thing, but I did. And I'm happy with it. So here's the YouTubers that I've watched and enjoyed the most in the month of June.

I Covet Thee

Source: I Covet Thee


HOME: DIY Dressing Table + VIDEO!!


Hello all, OH I'm so excited for this post. I've been wanting to post it for ages but I couldn't because some others were up first but HERE IT IS! Finally! So this post will be about, well obviously, my dressing table. And as you can read from the title, it'll include a video. YAY. The video will give you some inspiration on how to decorate and organize your dressing table. It's the first time I ever tried making a video and uploading it to actual YouTube so bear with me if the quality of it all isn't as good as the videos you'd normally watch on there.


BEAUTY: Haul haul haul!


Hi guys, so this is it, the moment we've all been waiting for. The first beauty haul that I’ll share with you guys. Though it's a bit of a collective haul, I didn't actually go to one place and got all crazy, there are just gonna be a few (but exciting) bits I picked up throughout these weeks. A couple of weeks ago I went to Normandy in France and that's where I bought the most exciting thing I'll have to show. I actually visited a Sephora there, which is quite special since we don't have one in The Netherlands. Also I've been to Amsterdam and I picked up some nice stuff there as well. So, let's get going, I hope you'll enjoy!

all time beauty favorites

BEAUTY: My favorites + Tutorial


Hi guys, I know it's been a while but today I'm gonna be sharing some of my favorite beauty items with you. On my dressing table, which I love deeply, I created one spot for the products I use almost every day. Those are my favorite products and I could create a simple, every day look with them or a more high coverage, flawless look. Today I'll be showing you the simple, quick and easy, every day look with mostly drugstore products. It's a bronzy, peachy and fresh look that's just easy and fun. I'll also tell you why I love these products. So yeah, let's get started, I hope you'll enjoy it! 


HORROR STORY: Foundation (part 2)


Hello all. So, you all may have read my Horror Story: Foundation (if you didn't then I'd highly recommend it ;)) and know about my struggle with foundations. I do have quite the collection right now though, having bought and tried multiple foundations over the past few months to find one that could do the same job for me as that MAC one did.

In this post I'm writing short reviews on the foundations I have right now. Just as a help for everyone who's struggling or wanting to buy a new foundation. I think it's always good to read or watch some reviews on products like foundations before you buy it, so you know what to expect. That being said, this is my opinion and experience of the product, it could be totally different for you. So keep that in mind and take it with a grain of salt. Well then, let's start with 'the good ones'. 


FOOD: 3 Summery Fruits Snacks


Hello all. The weather has been very nice and warm here in the Netherlands the last two weeks, so I thought it'd be appropriate to do a food post on summery snacks. And what's the best thing to eat in summer? Fruits, always fruits. So that's what I'll be using.

These aren't gonna be very difficult and complicated recipes, it's gonna be more of a simple throw together kind of thingy, since you shouldn't be too active and busy in the heat. I'll be showing a yellow fruits bowl, cookie butter strawberries and lovely peach cupcakes


HOME: Urban Outfitters Homeware Haul


I'm so excited, my first 'haul' post! And it's homeware, I absolutely love homeware. I could fill my whole living space up with pretty, lovely things I absolutely don't need. If I bought everything that I thought would look nice in my living area, I'd probably have to end up renting another house for just storage.

That being said, I think Urban Outfitters has an amazing range of homeware. I don't know much about their clothes, but I do know that I absolutely love their homeware. And I do think that it's incredibly expensive sometimes. Thought that obviously doesn't stop me from buying some nice stuff every once in a while. So most of this haul I actually bought on vacation in Dublin, but I also ordered some stuff from their webshop. I have to tell you guys, though. My photography skills aren't that great yet, so bear with me, please.

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